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District Service Initiative (DSI)
DSI stands for District Service Initiative and at the end of every year the CNH (Cal-Nev-Ha) District Service Committee proposes a new DSI which is then approved by the District board and becomes our District Service Initiative for CNH Circle K. The DSI allows us to collaborate and pool together our efforts to spread awareness to different areas of focus. Circle K’s DSI for the 2019-2020 term is Focusing on Education.
Focusing on Education
Although education serves as a stepping stone for many to grow and learn, there are multiple schools across the district that are underfunded and underserved. It is a common trend for students in these underserved areas to fall behind grade level due to lack of resources both at home and at school. As quality education should be accessible to all, this year’s DSI aims to enhance and improve the educational experience of all students, from K-12 and college level to special education, in order to provide them the opportunities and resources they deserve.
To learn more about our DSIs, click here, or contact our Service Initiative Chair, Veronica Thai!