General Meetings Every Wednesday | 7PM @ Watkins Hall 1000!
How to Sign Up for Events
...Or you can chair an event!
Chair An Event!
Hi! If you chaired an event, the next thing you need to do is fill out a CERF (Club Event Report Form)! Download the form and fill it out, and once you are finished please send it to our secretary, Amy Kobayashi, at! CERFs are due exactly one week after the event. If you need help filling out the CERF, take a look at the "CERF-ing an event" powerpoint, but if you still have questions, feel free to email Amy or just message her on Facebook!
CERF Download
If you do not know which tags to mark for any event that you chair, take a look at this cheat sheet made by the secretary at Sacramento State College!
CERF Cheat Sheet
Club Events
What is luncheon? Every Thursday, our club has the opportunity to attend the Kiwanis Club of Riverside's (KCOR) general meeting at the Tamale Factory in Downtown Riverside. They even provide food! Kiwanis is our club's support. They are there to help us develop ourselves and build professional connections. Overall, our attendance to these meetings are a chance to show KCOR our appreciation for all of the support that they have given us. Interested? Sign up on the Calendar!
Plan Your Own Service (or PYOS for short) are short and sweet services chaired by the one and only CKI at UCR members! They can range from making pet toys for the pet shelters or even motivational sticky notes for tabling! If you're interested in hosting your very own PYOS, please talk to the VPS, Micheal Feng.

Fill out the PYOS form here:
Kids Rock Concert
Kids Rock Concert, K-Rock for short, is CKI at UCR's biggest annual fundraiser for Pediatric Trauma Program, filled with music, bonding, prizes, and more!
Divisional Events
Divisional Council Meetings (DCMs)
Hosted by the Lieutenant Governor and the Divisional Leadership Team, a DCM consists of event recaps and future plans by all the clubs in Desert Oasis. They also include divisional updates as well as district updates. Often, special guests from other divisions and districts make an appearance! DCMs are a useful resource to use in order to stay updated with all aspects of the organization.
Want to spend a whole day or even a whole weekend with your FAVORITE division? If you said yes, then you should join Desert Oasis at their Weekend of Awesomeness Weekends (WAWs) and Day of Awesomeness Days (DADs)! These events are packed full with the three tenets of service, leadership, and fellowship. This is achieved by hosting divisional-wide service projects, fundraisers, leadership workshops, and memorable bonding moments.
District Events
District Professional Developmental Conference
Learn important life skills in the annual District Professional Development Conference. 
Crazy Kompetition for Infants
Crazy Kompetition for Infants is an annual district event that raises money for the Pediatric Trauma. 
District Large Scale Service Project
Come join the district in participating in the annual District Large Scale Service Project. 
Fall Training Conference
Fall Training Conference is a weekend dedicated to meeting new people and learning more about the organization at large, all while in the comforts of Sonora, California!
Spring Training Conference
Spring Training Conference is an opportunity to develop and enhance your leadership skills, become more familiar with our organization, discover and learn about new, engaging topics, and to meet people from clubs in other schools. This event consists of various workshops, panels, Divisional Council Meetings, and more!
District Convention
Come join the district in one of the its largest weekend events and celebrate a year's worth of district, divisional, and club accomplishments at District Convention! 
International Events
International Convention, CKIx for short, is an annual event in which Circle K members from all around the world gather and discuss the business of the organization.