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Mentorship Program
What is the mentorship program?
The Mentorship System at Circle K International at UC Riverside is a program that helps pair newer members with veteran members to acclimate into the organization as well as UC Riverside!
What do you do as a big/little?
Being a Mentor/Big is a leap in leadership as you are able to foster growth and help someone become familiar with CKI. Being a Mentee/Little gives you an opportunity to have someone help you explore what you like about CKI and also recognize different opportunities on campus!
Where can I apply to be a big/little?
Big and little applications are released during Fall and Winter quarters of every term!

The application has multiple parts:
The application itself
A “treat sheet” to get to know you better
Final “choice” sheet as the deadline approaches (to be sent out in the future)
Fall 2019 Bigs
Want to learn more? Check out this amazing and informative powerpoint made by our MD&E chair!
If you have any questions at all about the program, please contact Hannah Abellana, the Membership Development & Education Chair, at