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Members of the Month (MOM)
Here is a cohesive list of all the Members of the Months for the 2019-2020 term! It is ordered from oldest to newest, top to bottom respectively. All commentary is made by our Member Recognition Chair, Gus Del Castillo. Make sure you check out the club's calendar and attend all the events you can! Be an altruistic and active member and you might be on here too!
Annie Zhou has been very active in the club for a couple years now and its time she was recognised for it. She went to events such as Info Week, Adopt a street, and so many more.
Calvin Chau has been very active in the club for a lot of years now and it is time he has been able to get the recognition he so rightfully deserves. Throughout his time in CKI, he has gone to numerous amounts of services and socials.
Gabriel Vazquez went to the summer events for CKI and has been an active member for a while. He is a kind and unique person and our Member of Summer Service!
Jacob Montefalcon went to several socials and Trunk or Treat! He is an active first year and a fun person to be around.
Kaixin Liu went to several services this month and was one of the few to make the whole 24 hours of service insomnia. She is a super sweet girl!