An initiative is proposed at the end of every year by the district committees and approved by the District Board to be the theme for the next year. We have two main district initiatives:

  1. District Service Initiative 

  2. District Fundraising Initiative 


Saving the Environment

As human activity and the increasing global population continue to exacerbate climate change and environmental stress, it is important to evaluate our carbon footprint, and find new ways to reduce the negative impacts that our actions have on the environment. By focusing our efforts and providing our environment with the love and nurturing it deserves, we can save our environment.


Foggy Forest

1. EDF

Environmental Defense Fund

Finding the ways that work

A non-profit organization that focuses on addressing today's most urgent environmental challenges by targeting issues that affect people around the world.

Focus on:







from our Service Initiative Chair - Jessica Itliong

In solidarity with our support of the Black Lives Matter movement, our DSI Fun Facts will show you about an important part of the movement in America: Environmental Justice!

Moving forward, our DSI will teach you facts about the hidden history behind environmental racism, bring light to the BIPOC influences in the environmental movement, and provide you ways to help the world reach true equality.

Let’s do our part to dismantle the systems that harm our people and our world. :)